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We have been practicing law for a very long time – over 18 years. Because of this we have diverse experience. Our focus is tax centered. However, we cannot deny the many other values we provide to our clients. This diversity adds immeasurable value to our focus today. Justice Cardozo, former United States Supreme Court Justice, once said that Law is a seamless web. Although attorneys may specialize in one area, their practice would inevitably involve multiple areas of law.

As an example, a business lawyer who drafts contracts would prudently contemplate tort law and perhaps master elements of tort.

Tax issues frequently arise in real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and business transactions. Without experience in Real Estate a Tax Attorney would have to involve a Real Estate attorney, which would potentially result in double billing.

Because Mr. Falco is both an Attorney and CPA, double billing is reduced. You value from a diverse professional background from tax preparation all the way up.

Our office performs traditional accounting functions. Focusing on tax preparation and compliance helps keep the focus when it comes time to plan for tax events. Tax Preparation site

We have extensive experience in Colorado Real Estate transactions. Here is a link to that page. We also own and manage a real estate portfolio. Some of our real estate is showcased on the following site. Colorado Real Estate Website

Colorado Bankruptcy distills many issues down to its basics. A comprehension of Bankruptcy helps an attorney protect assets during collateralization. Many Colorado Bankruptcy Court opinions are used by the Colorado Courts as guidance. Colorado Bankruptcy opinions are, in my opinion, the leading authority on UCC securitization our consumer Bankruptcy site.

Last but not least is Demurrer.com – Ask a Lawyer a Question. At Demurrer.com you can post a legal question for an attorney to answer.


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