Services for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor myself, I can help you at every stage of your investment: entity selection (LLC, etc), tax planning, tax compliance, purchase, depreciation, leasing, and sale.

Like Kind Exchanges §1031

We provide tax counsel in like kind exchanges from planning and document drafting to closing

Installment Sales §453

We structure transactions to satisfy §453 Installment Sales.  IRC §453 allows the deferral of capital gain until money is received on the carryback note.

Form 1040, Schedule E

We can take a close look at your Schedule E to ensure proper income and expenses are reported.  We can check to make sure the adjusted basis is tracked properly for depreciation and sale purposes.

Colorado Real Estate Tax Planning

Colorado taxes capital gains from the sale of Colorado real estate even if the taxpayer is a nonresident of Colorado.  As an example, if a taxpayer lives in California but owns a ski condo in Aspen, any gain on the sale of that condo must be reported using a Colorado Form 104 and tax paid. In addition, rents must are taxed in Colorado even if the taxpayer is a nonresident.

Real Estate Closing Representation

Legal and tax representation in all real estate transactions is important and often overlooked.  Many times parties have a false sense of security and move forward in real estate transactions without an attorney.  The dangers of this approach aren’t always evident until years down the line.  Be one of the smart real estate investors who realize an investment in an attorney now can prevent financial loss later.

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