Top of Denver Concert Series

By Philip Falco

Equitable Building Penthouse Balcony


The Band - May 30, 2014

The Band – May 30, 2014



Welcome to the Top of Denver Concert Series.


  1. Why are we doing this? Just for fun.  Making money is not part of it.  The Historic Equitable Building Penthouse Balcony is the venue.  This balcony is approximately 1200sf.  It has not been used to its fullest in probably 80 years.  We aim to change that.  In the late 1890’s the Equitable Building Penthouse was the home of the Colorado Governor, Governor Waite
  2. Liquor/Beer/Wine?  Bring your own.  We do not have a liquor license.  There is a good liquor store on the NE corner of 16th &  Champa.
  3. Parking.  Street Parking.  There is a pay lot either across the street at the Magnolia or Neusteters on Stout between 15th & 16th, East side.
  4. Call 303-626-7000 to get buzzed into the building.
  5. RAIN OR SHINE, we will be there.  It always seems to rain just before the concert.


  •  It commenced Friday May 30th at 6 pm until 10pm, and will be every other Friday thereafter all the way through August 2014.
  • We skipped Friday the 13th of June for no good reason.
  • Next Show is Saturday, September 6th, at 7pm.

Prior Artists:

  • Nubia
  • Aceoutrageous