What Makes Us Different

The Dual-License Advantage

As both a Colorado licensed Attorney and Colorado licensed Certified Public Accountant, I combine both disciplines for you.  There is no need to have a separate attorney and CPA.  Ultimately, you save money and time.

Whether it is tax preparation or a legal matter, tax and law almost always overlap.  An attorney will tell you to ask the CPA and the CPA will tell you to ask the attorney.  However, I will not tell you that in my office, we handle both the legal and tax matters together.

Whether it is a tax matter related to a divorce, business or business transaction, I can help you.

Attorney-Client Privilege

Why is a dual licensed Attorney – Certified Public Accountant the perfect fit for your tax law problem? An attorney or tax attorney has the full attorney-client privilege under the law.  However, a CPA’s privilege does not extend to IRS criminal matters.  As such, if your tax problem is investigated by the IRS criminal division, your CPA could be subpoenaed to testify against you!

Certified Public Accountant skills and discipline

On the other hand, attorneys typically lack the rudimentary education and background in tax and accounting required to have a deep understanding of your tax law case.  Non-CPA attorneys typically hand off the heavy lifting of tax preparation to CPA’s. Tax preparation, either a deep understanding of it or the time-tested ability to perform it, is key to being a forceful attorney in this highly specialized area of law. A dual licensed Attorney -CPA is a rare breed and is best suited to handle tax law cases.

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