Business Services

Business Tax and Legal Representation

Starting and operating a new business is scary, and you shouldn’t go at it alone. Unfortunately, making mistakes early on can have bad consequences down the line after your business has become successful. I am here to help with all of your tax and legal matters to make sure nothing gets more complicated than it needs to be.

  • Formation of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, including filing all necessary forms to start and register your company.  Selecting the proper form of business can be confusing.  Every entrepreneur’s situation differs and demands special attention.
  • Accounting services including keeping your books, payroll, and financial statements.
  •  Tax Return Preparation. Many small businesses have an accounting firm that does nothing more than prepare a return at the end of the year. I take a different approach to preparing your business taxes, reviewing your financial records throughout the year and keeping you advised of your profit so your taxes aren’t a surprise when I prepare your return March or April. I perform these services on a quarterly flat fee basis, so you can feel confident asking for my tax or financial advice throughout the year without worrying about being billed by the hour.
  • Custom Limited Liability Company operating agreement drafting anticipated tax consequences. LLC Operating Agreements. Having an LLC Operating Agreement keeps your business running smoothly by defining the rights and responsibilities of all members. When an LLC fails to have an Operating Agreement, or uses a “form” operating agreement not prepared by a qualified attorney, it can lead to lawsuits down the road. It can also leave you unprotected from your business liabilities.
  •  Assistance with Financing. One of the most challenging aspects for any small business is obtaining financing for a new project or enterprise. I can assist with assembling the accounting, financial, and legal records you need to financing through the SBA, EDA, traditional bank, or any other avenue.
  • Buying a Business. If you are purchasing a business or merging into an existing business, I can help every step of the way, from negotiating and drafting the contract, to negotiating and drafting noncompete agreements, to due diligence, to closing. I can even assist in structuring the transaction in the most advantageous way in terms of both tax and non-tax concerns. I can also assist with bulk sales clearance to ensure that you aren’t hit with tax liabilities created by the seller years in the past.
  •  Selling Your Business. I can represent your interests in the negotiating and drafting of the contract of sale and guide you all the way through closing. When you’re selling your business, you want the day of sale to be the last day you need to worry about it. I’m here to protect your interests and make sure that happens.  View our business transactions page for tax aspects of sale and purchase of a business.
  • Contracts to Operate Your Business. Legal needs don’t end after you’ve formed your business. You need goods or services contracts, employment or independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and more. Having these agreements in writing will save aggravation later.

Tax Preparation and Compliance. Tax return preparation and filing – ranging from the basic Form 1040 to situations involving multiple businesses, incomes, or properties.

  • We obtain the IRS EIN number.
  • We can register your company with the City & County of Denver to stay in compliance with the Denver Head tax.
  • We can obtain the State of Colorado account number to keep you compliant with withholding and sales tax.
  • Business tax planning, and how to save taxes each year
  • Tax disputes, litigation, and acting as liaison with the IRS.
  • Tax planning, including estate planning and business succession planning.