FBAR Filing Service FinCEN 114

The Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts is a critical component to United States compliance. FBARs must be filed electronically and it is not filed with your United States tax return.  We take the hassle out of registering and the guess work out of filing; Philip Falco, Attorney, CPA is a registered FBAR BSA electronic filer.  We provide this valuable service at a reasonable price.

Feel free to call us for a free quote (303) 626-7000 or email phil@coloradolegal.com.  If you have unfiled FBAR’s we provide representation to enter the Streamlined Domestic Disclosure Program and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.  Our services are provided worldwide.

Our service includes:

  1. We will electronically file your FBAR (E-File).
  2. We will timely file your FBAR.
  3. We provide different levels of service ranging from pure submission to account review and determination.  You chose the level of service.
  4. We provide consultation as to what is the maximum balance.
  5. We can amend prior FBAR’s.

An FBAR FinCEN 114 (formerly TD-F 90-22.1, also referred to as Treasury Form 114, and FBAR Online) is a very important filing with the United States Treasury. Here’s why:

  1. FBAR penalties are as harsh as penalties come.
  2. FBAR’s must be completed correctly.  For example, the cash surrender value of a foreign whole life insurance policy must be reported on the FBAR.

FBAR Components:

  1. Type of filer: Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Consolidated, Fiduciary.
  2. Social Security Number, TIN, or foreign identification.
  3. Birth date.
  4. Address.
  5. Number of accounts.
  6. Account Maximum Value.
  7. Name and address of financial institution.
  8. Distinguish accounts owned separately, jointly, signature authority, and consolidated report.
  9. Distinguish type of account.
  10. Distinguish accounts where filer has signature authority but no financial interest in the account.

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Feel free to contact us for free quote and for more information.

We can request administrative rulings on very complex issues.