Mandatory Filing for LLC’s, Corporations- FinCEN

Quite simply, assume your entity must file a transparency report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This report resembles foreign/international transparency forms that we have been filing for years. It is part of the ongoing effort of the U.S. to reign in secret, unreported transactions.
We are authorized to file this report on your behalf if you choose to engage our firm. We will also consult and advise you as to any wrinkles in the process. Being a dual licensed CPA and Attorney firm, we are without question the best choice for this report. The first filing is the most important as it will set a precedent.
In general, the deadline to file is December 31, 2024.
If you have any concerns about past discrepancies, we can consult you. The attorney-client privilege applies.
This filing requirement was enacted under the Corporate Transparncy Act.
For more in-depth on this filing, click our permanent page dedicated to this filing Corporate/LLC Transparency Filings

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